Mirror/Mirror (Catharsis and Confrontation)

Hello again, Laundroteers! Thanks for tuning in. And welcome to the first alliteration-filled post! (Quick updates at bottom of the post)

One very real challenge exists in the logging process about which I’m a bit embarrassed to admit. Yet I mention it, because it co-exists with the excitement about such wonderful material. Basically, one of the greatest strengths of the raw footage can sometimes be one of its greatest challenges.

With such intense subject matter there are oftentimes very emotional and wrenching interviews. Watching many of these interviews back for the first time, I basically must relive each shock and each tear. If I’m having a tough day, I can’t switch the channel. Nope, I have to move forward and understand what I have.

While rewatching the footage, I was reminded of mirror neurons. Simply put, they are neuron paths created when we take action but also when we are observing an action. Some scientists believe that mirror neurons might be essential to human empathy, where we not only try to understand how someone is feeling but also attempt to feel similarly. It even makes me wonder if this is where catharsis is rooted. I mean, do we learn something every time we watch others experience unfamiliar emotions and make decisions we’ve never had to? What kind of new neuron paths has my brain been forging while I watch back my material?

Perhaps the short answer to these questions lies in the other way this film acts as a mirror. In watching back I am actively confronted with the issues of identity, family, cultural background and shame. Even before I cut anything together, the film is acting as a mirror held up to myself. I watch and I can’t help but interrogate myself, how does my own family relate? How do we handle crises? What am I afraid of?

So, for these reasons and more, logging has admittedly been a difficult process. At the same time, these feelings affirm that the raw materials are awesome. haha I love conflict (it being the essence of drama in my life)! Either way, I can’t wait to start sculpting.

And here are some quick updates for those of you who love lists like I do:

– I’ve gained a “Transcriptor” if you will (similar to the Terminator but for docs). This teammate will be in charge of typing out every word that the professionals I’ve interviewed have said, which is great because it greatly reduces my workload. I feel freed up to log to my heart’s content.

– I sent in a letter of inquiry to The Fledgling Fund, looking for finishing funds for The Laundromat and its website.

– The website itself is shaping up nicely, and I’ll soon be unveiling some sexy new content that we can use to start developing a community and begin real discussions.

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