You’ve heard about logging, and oh yeah, more logging, so I won’t try to tire you out on all my logging complaints too soon. 😉  (After re-reading that sentence, I realized I wrote the word three times.)

But as I mentioned before, I’m moonlighting as a grant-writer (for my own film). It’s neither an exciting nor easy process, but it’s a necessary one that I dare not neglect. It might seem strange to always seem like you’re looking for funding, but many independent filmmakers have to go this route.

For documentary filmmakers like myself, you’re not only looking to finance each step of your film, but awards can often bring prestige and legitimacy you need to reach out to your target audiences. For instance, I’ve been looking at organizations that advocate for minority voices, Asian American media representation, and social causes. Getting support from these organizations means funding, positive publicity (what other kind is there? haha), and sometimes even in-kind services.

At the same time, writing a proposal all day means I might not get to log or take meetings with different collaborators. I secretly want to clone myself or stop time to ensure I get everything done. There’s never enough time and enough me to go around to do everything. (Perhaps the one thing I have in common with my friends who are parents. Or overachievers. haha)

One thing I have no room to complain about is my producer who has started to help me refine my language and push me to articulate my story better. Her notes have been keen and concrete. Always constructive, I find myself writing less vaguely and less lazily. Themes I thought to be understood get clarified (like so much delicious butter). Swiss cheese plot points are discovered then filled in (and promptly eaten).

And best of all, I keep knowing my film better. Every time I find a new way to express a concept or character’s struggle, I gain a new understanding of my story. All in all, it’s a win-lose-win situation.

Oh wait, did I mention my new skill set as a grant-writer? Now offering consultations! First payment is in high fives! 😀



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