Back in the game

Forgive my absence, laundroteers! It’s been a little nutso here since June, and it’s taken a couple of months for the dust to settle. But basically, now that I have sorta graduated, I spent a majority of June and the beginning of July working with my editor. It was pretty amazing to watch a cut come together. Perhaps one of the coolest (and still slightly exciting) moments in the process has been realizing how many choices I have. There is a wealth of information and beautiful images to choose from, and believe you me, it’s a wonderful dilemma to have.

Once an initial rough cut emerged, I had the pleasure of showing the rough (and boy, was it rough) to my professor and my story consultant. The feedback was constructive and insightful, and I came away with a lot to do, but more importantly, a strong sense of where the story and the film in general are heading.

Then I did what any self-respecting director would do, I took a break. Yes, crazy, busy self-respecting directors take breaks (probably). But it was time to step away from the film for a bit, take a breath, and get some perspective. One of my favorite places to catch my breath is at the Cliffs in La Jolla, a leftover habit from my undergrad days. Yet who wouldn’t feel a little more serene looking at this?

And with that view in mind, I return to my movie. The first task I gave myself was to map out each sequence in the feature-length doc. It was actually pretty cool, because not only did I see how individual pieces fit together in chronological order, but I got to see the whole big picture, the big mosaic (or 5000-piece jigsaw puzzle, whichever you prefer). Basically, it’s a colorful set of post-its that wend their way around a cork board. It got me all excited to begin the process again.

Besides that, it looks kinda beautiful.

Wish me luck in this next phase.

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