Monthly Archives: November 2012

One year ago I started shooting my thesis, The Laundromat Documentary.

Two years before that I teamed up with the endlessly talented Judy P to shoot what would be the initial seedlings of The Laundromat feature. In May 2011 Sun K agreed amidst her busy schedule to be my Story Consultant (aka Story Crisis Counselor). Then in August 2011 I teamed up with Akemi H, Chris D, and April B to create; and with their powers combined, they helped me make a beautiful, streamlined, eloquent little community site. Frances C joined the party in January 2012 powered almost exclusively on passion to help me seek grants and audiences. By March I had recruited Esther S to be my editor because of her experience and sensitivity to my film.

And now a year after I launched the Kickstarter, my movie is about to be picture locked. This means I am that much closer to being able to proudly show off what many have supported through verbal affirmation, financial resources, and/or their time and skills. I’m so grateful for everyone’s support whether we met only a year ago or if they’ve been supporting me my whole life (THANKS MOM & DAD!). I’m also thankful for the patience everyone’s shown in watching the film evolve.

Please expect more updates more often. We’ve come a long way and I can’t wait to share more of this journey with all of you out there.

Thanks, everyone!!!!!!!