Cloudy with a Chance of Clarity

This post has been a month coming. It’s not a particularly epic post, but now that the dust has settled, I can freely inform everyone that I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IS NEXT. That phrase is fraught with the same magnitude of excitement and anticipation that I was feeling a month ago, but what has changed is that I know more. Yup, more answers have only resulted in more questions… still, the questions have solidified into a series of semi-concrete options and are not the fuzzy, nagging doubts that were obscuring the path ahead.

Back then two events loomed on the horizon: my first solo screening of The Laundromat and transitioning into a new job. Naturally, the whats, hows, whos and whys rolled in like so much marine layer in the otherwise beautiful beach day of my movie being done. What did I need to do to pull off the Kickstarter screening and any accompanying swag? Who would come? How would the audience receive it??? What would this new job entail? How would I be able to gracefully exit from my old one? Was this the right decision at this time in my life? Round and round the questions swirled until time lifted the fog.

The screening itself was an amazing event that made me feel loved and supported beyond what I could imagine. Friends, family, and new friends showed up to watch, listen, and oh yes, DISCUSS. Not to mention the fact that many of my friends and family helped out in every aspect of the screening – food, setup, hosting, documenting even (my dad took pictures of the whole thing as only Asian dads can). Though I cannot measure the impact of the event on others, I know that the outpouring of support for the movie and for me on that night cannot be replicated. So thank you to all who participated, including those who could not make it, Akemi Hong for designing the swag, any Kickstarter supporters who couldn’t make it out, and anyone who was part of the film. Wish I could have shared that with you, but I know there will be more opportunities.


Now comes the part of figuring out what is next for the movie — film fests, direct outreach, enhancing the website, sending out the remaining swag, mining the footage for more treasure, expanding the community, and hopefully more conversations about the issues within the film. I can’t lie and say that I have a step-by-step plan to take over the nation with this film, but I am working on it.


Which brings me to my new job… With the goals of concentrating more time on my movie, getting more sleep, and bringing some balance back into my life well on their way, I think my fears about this choice are slowly being quelled. I haven’t worked out the kinks of this new life yet, but I have cooked more, spent quality time with people, and stayed up late as a choice and not as a requirement of the job. It is freeing.

With no idea what is next, I’m excited and tense, beginning to strategize the next steps for TLD. Hopefully, in my next update I’ll be able to tell you what’s on the horizon. For now enjoy my excited face with the sexy TLD designed DVD, and further down, Asian dad pictures!!


DSC00061 DSC00074

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  1. DeDe Ching said:

    Hi Vanessa, so sorry I wasn’t able to attend your event – my Aunt’s family hosted a 90th birthday party in her honor on the same day. I’m certain all was wonderful. Congratulations! Auntie DeDe

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