Happy Year of the Horse! — or, Going from Trot to Canter

So Laundroteers, we are seven days into the lunar new year and a whole month has gone by in 2014. It is NUTS how quickly time flies by, yet at the same time, not a week has gone by without new developments popping up for The Laundromat.

In the spirit of this brave new year, I’d like to share the good news AND the bad news. And in the spirit of many before, let’s start off with the not-as-great stuff.

Recently I heard back from CAAMfest (what was once the SF Int’l Asian American Film Fest) and I was not chosen to be part of their program. I was hoping this would be my very first Film Fest debut, but it was not to be. Hearing the news was a bit disheartening, because I think every filmmaker dreams of making it to a film fest where they know their film will be enjoyed by large audiences. And let’s be honest, I kinda thought that I’d be a shoo-in with the Asians. (naïveté now dead, no worries)

This whole month I was getting increasingly more anxious as time passed and I didn’t hear back. I started to run myself through the worse-case scenarios and ask, “Well, Vanessa, what will you do if you don’t get in? If they don’t say yes, what’s next?” This kind of mental exercise helped some, but for some reason the least helpful thing I did was tell myself, “Well, even the best got rejected so many times.” Although this is probably statistically true, it still has a ring of falseness, or even condescension to it. On the other hand, the most helpful mental exercise I practiced was telling myself it wasn’t personal, that films are sometimes rejected for reasons you do not expect or understand, that the title of filmmaker is not earned through entry into a film festival. That seemed a little more true, and  for the past three days it’s helped me shake off any crippling doldrums.

Phew, now that I’ve ripped off that band-aid, let’s jump into some of the more exciting news:

1. A couple weeks ago I screened at UCLA with a small group of Asian American Pacific Islander Master of Social Work students, first-year film students, and Asian American Studies students. We had a cool discussion after the screening and I received some heartfelt responses to the work. Here’s a photo from that time:

MSW API Caucus Screening

2. I’ve also had a few offers to go to different schools and screen my movie. In the next couple of months I hope to work with the Center for Asian Pacific American Studies at Pitzer College, a psychology class at Azusa Pacific University and an Asian coalition at Fuller Theological Seminary to not only screen the movie, but also to stimulate some discussion.

3. But at the moment, I may be the most excited about this next piece of news…The Laundromat DVD outreach pamphlet is finished and will soon join the swag going out to my Kickstarter supporters!! Below is a picture of the cover and it is flippin’ sweet.

For now I’m going to count these events as 1 step back and 3 steps forward. And as time races forward, TLD is picking up the pace as well. The trick is probably to learn how to enjoy some of it.

TLD Outreach

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